Valentines Day Play Tray

Valentine’s Day Play Tray

Valentines Day Play Tray

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Master N is really loving play doh at the moment, so we created this Valentine’s Day inspired tray to hone his fine motor skills. We have so many activities where he can use a pair of tongs, so this one we incorporated some threading and play doh rolling!

Once he saw us roll the play doh balls and worms, he got really into it and he has gotten really improved.

In this tray we also added some “unicorn hair” from Kmart (it was $1 on clearance) for some texture and the loose parts consisted of bamboo, wooden beads, jingle bells and red and white pom poms.

Never done a play tray before?

If you have not done a play tray before try to incorporate a sensory base or filling and loose parts. Remember to always supervise when using play trays as some of the loose parts may be a choking hazard. You can incorporate language development by talking about the objects, shapes or colours you can see. If your toddler seems bored, try showing them how to do small activities. Sit with them and build with the play doh or roll balls with it. They will soon follow your lead.

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