Tips for Flying with Kids

  1. Wrap when you arrive
    It doesn’t matter how amazing your gift-wrapping skills are, security can still unwrap your gift during check-in. Send your gift ahead where possible, or keep them unwrapped until you get there.

    If you are taking edible gifts, avoid taking anything that could be classed as a liquid as you may have to leave it behind.
  2. Board Last
    The easiest way to avoid your child getting restless while waiting for take-off is to board last minute. This cuts down on the waiting time and allows them to burn some energy while they have the leg-room.
  3. Get Insurance!
    This tip should be number one. Booking early morning flights or short layovers may make the trip easier, but even the most experienced traveler have had their plans derailed because of weather. Be financially prepared for any delays or hiccups during your holidays, get the insurance.
  4. Befriend the grumpy travellers
    If you are travelling with a toddler and not sure how they will react, make sure you befriend the people close to you. It will be harder for them to be annoyed by kids they “know”. This will also allow you to ask them to come to you directly if there is any problems.

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