“Things that Go” Small World Play

Why is Small World Play Important?

Small world play is such an integral part of children’s play as it aids in many important areas of development without them even realising.

Small world play is a great way to work on

  • Building Creativity and Imagination
  • Building Language Development
  • Independent Play
  • Problem Solving
  • Cause and Effect

Since children develop their imagination by using the own “real world” experiences, small world play allows them to act out daily experiences and experiment with them.

Language Development
Building language skills is super easy and convenient with small world play, children can learn new words and practice using them in context. It also allows them to narrate what they are doing and use expressive language. If you have a little on that is not talking yet, you can encourage them by narrating what is happening and talking about the objects, animals and themes in the small world.

Independent Play
Independent play is important for little ones as it allows them to try ideas and express their ideas without input from anyone. This allows them to gain confidence and learn self awarenes.

Problem Solving
Small world allows kids to focus on problem solving as scenarios can often change and adapt, enabling the child to think of new ideas or ways to extend the play.

Cause and Effect
Children can learn about cause and effect in small world play as it them to experiment with different actions, leading them to understand different outcomes. It also allows a safe environment for the children to practise cause and effect without world consequences.

For this weeks small world play, we used the theme “things that go”. Since N is pretty much obsessed with any type of vehicle, this seemed like a fitting theme for our small world.

What We Used

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