The Importance of Play

As your child’s first teacher, you are the foundation stone for their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Sounds like a huge responsibility, however you have something special on your side, kids love to play. They grow and learn best through play. Research is now gaining momentum around the world, showing that play is the best platform for children to learn.  The tricky part is becoming conscious and acting on the numerous moments, in a day, where you can ‘play’ and make significant impact on your child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Stacking containers in the kitchen, filling and emptying containers in the bath, dancing to music while getting dressed and role-playing while hanging out the clothes are all examples of learning through play. These experiences are play-learning-rich opportunities. They are times in your day, that are ideal to encourage math and language concepts like size, colour, shape and weight; to strengthen core strength to improve fine motor control and socially support turn taking, regulation of their emotions, cooperation and confidence. They are everyday activities filled with play. Chances in time that can be filled with conversation and sharing. Your time is important so take time out to ‘PLAY’.  

Tanya W
Bachelor Education (Early Childhood)
Mother of 4

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