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Space Sensory Tray

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Does anyone else have a child who dreams of being an astronaut? I am always surprised by how many facts Master N retain, if your little one is showing an interest in something, use it to help them learn. If they love trucks, do colour sorting with trucks, or count the trucks. If they love space, teach them that “A” is for “astronaut”. They are more likely to remember these things if they love what they are learning.

If you have a space-obsessed little one, you will love this space inspired play tray. You can teach them how to count, let them teach you about the planets and do simple pouring and scooping. And JUST when they think the play tray has no more to offer, put it in a dark room and see how you find new things to talk about.

This was one of the more simple play trays with black beans, Glow in the Dark Stars and the Great Explorations 3-D Solar System.

If your little one is slightly older, pair this with our Space Memory Game printable!

Never done a play tray before?

If you have not done a play tray before try to incorporate a sensory base or filling and loose parts. Remember to always supervise when using play trays as some of the loose parts may be a choking hazard. You can incorporate language development by talking about the objects or retelling the story in the book. If your toddler seems bored, try showing them how to do small activities. Sit with them and build with the play doh or roll balls with it. They will soon follow your lead.

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