Colour Paddles Plastic – Set of 18 Colour Paddles Plastic

Colour Paddles – Set of 6


Little Pavers – 60 Pieces

Children 2 and up can learn about architectural theories, model scales and engineering while using this 60-piece set of weighted Little Pavers.
Guidecraft Little Bricks – 60 pc. Set

Little Bricks – 60 Pieces


Little Bricks – 60 Pieces


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Little bricks are an open ended construction resource that children will love. The bricks are made of TPR plastic around an enclosed small metal interior to help weigh them down and balance. The plastic has a lovely soft feel that make these easy to stack together and safe for small hands. Their smooth surface give them a great sensory feel and prevent these from having any harsh edges.

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Made from plastic, they are also easy to disinfect and clean. Simply wipe the surface of each brick and place them back in the cardboard box for easy storage once they are dry. This allows multiple children to play with these which helps promote sharing and teamwork. It also allows the bricks to be passed from class to class creating great value for money.

These bricks come in assorted dark and light colours to provide a different colour dimension to the structures and designs. They can be laid flat, placed on their sides of placed end on end.

This set includes 10 double-sided concept cards that feature a range of different concepts such as circle, curve, steps, ruins and barriers to name a few. Each show a coloured picture of the concept found in real life and an image of the bricks positioned to create that concept. This is great for the children to relate what they are learning to what they can find in the world around them. They can also create their own unique designs that can vary in design and complexity.

These are a great engineering resource that can explain key concepts in a fun and hands on way. These bricks can be used with other resources such as dowel rods to hold some of the bricks together and create even more complicated designs.

Each brick measures: 4.5(L) x 1.5(W) x 2.25(H)cm. Ages 3+ years

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