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Coral Connections – 60 Pieces


Coral Connections – 60 Pieces


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An open ended coral themed construction set. Based on the beauty of real coral reefs organic growth and organic connections, Coral Connections helps children create new and colourful environments. Great for the children to create their own unique coral designs that make great display pieces in the classroom or play area. Set includes 60 pieces.


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The pieces are all soft pliable plastic featuring snap fit ball and joint connections, so that they can be built upon in every which way, horizontal, diagonal or even web shaped. Sea creatures and a treasure chest help children to develop their own stories and visual and audible narratives as they construct ecosystems and form connections visually and spatially.

Coral Connections are so versatile they can be use indoors, outdoors, in sand and in water. Children are able to work together in building their own under water wonderland, communicating with each other what they wish to achieve. When children come together and work on a common goal they develop key fundamental skills in communication and team work. They can also assist one other and the hands on play will help strengthen the key learnings they uncover.

Can be used in sand and water as a faux coral reef for real fish for STEM related activities. Integrate with arts and science lessons to extend the play-based narratives. Includes large, inspiration poster with example designs and beautiful, aquatic imagery. Liven up any learning space with these colourful coral connections today!

These pieces are easy to clean by spraying them with disinfectant or a sanitiser and wiping them down after play. This will ensure no harmful viruses or bacteria are transferred from one child to the next ensuring they can play in a safe and healthy environment. This allows the children to share the resources and it can be passed from one group or class to the other.

Store indoors. Ages 3+ years.

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