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LS354W Wacky Water Droppers

Wacky Water Droppers


Wacky Water Droppers


Explore the properties of water, compare water flow and practice colour mixing with these Wacky Water Droppers. Each of these droppers come in a unique design for the children to watch the liquid flowing up and down each of the droppers.

Children will learn how to think like scientists as they squirt water through the wacky, see-through tubes and make predictions and observations. These are easy to squeeze by small hands and are able to suck up a controlled amount of liquid to develop consistency.

These wacky water droppers come with coloured squeeze pads for the children to easily distinguish between the different designs. A fantastic resource for the learning environment and a fun way to introduce topics of maths and volume. Children can learn to fill up a beaker or measuring jug to the desired volume. A fun way to discuss and introduce early maths topics.

While eye droppers are a handy tool to have around, they have physical development benefits also. Eye droppers are great for the development of fine motor skills. They allow children and students to develop hand-eye coordination as well as cognitive development.

Includes 4 plastic droppers measuring 17cm. Activity guide included. Ages 3+ years

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