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Ocean Play Dough Tray

We have so many different ocean play trays, but this one is a favourite. There are so many learning opportunities with ocean play trays, you can explore coral reefs, deep sea animals, arctic animals and so much more. This time around, we chose a general ocean theme to explore the animals that live in the ocean and even on the beaches, as we have been making a habit of going on a daily basis.

This play tray presents plenty of opportunity for language development as well. You can add language exploration by:

  • Talking about what you are doing (scooping, building pouring)
  • Talking about the colours
  • Talk about the animals and where they live
  • Compare the size of the animals
  • Talk about whether you have seen the animal on the beach before

At this stage N loves feeding and patting animals, so we made a point to talk about what the animals ate and whether you can pat them if you saw them in nature. It is currently Turtle Hatching season here in Mackay (December through to March) and we have worked that into the conversation as well.

Looking to extend the play? Try incorporating our free Australian Sea Life printable.

Australian Sea Life Free Printable, Free Australian Sea Life Memory Game

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