Mud Kitchens

Our mud kitchens are made from sustainably sourced & quality timber, right here in Mackay. Each kitchen is hand made to be durable and weather proof so your child can enjoy outdoor play, the way its meant to be, MESSY! Our kitchens come in 3 different sizes, The Apprentice, The Cook & The Chef, each offering different play experiences to suit families and early learning centres of all sizes.

We offer four carefully selected colour schemes that will complement your kitchen.

Since all of our kitchens are handmade Australia, it seemed only fitting that our colour choices are uniquely Australian too.

The Gumnut
Named after the famous Eucalyptus Tree, the gumnut features a beautiful brown and green to give your kitchen a more natural feel.

Mud Kitchen, Adelaide, Native Australian

The Wanderer
Named after the radiant wanderer butterfly, this colour scheme offers bright orange and yellow to bring colour to your garden.

The Desert Rose
Named after the breathtaking Sturt desert rose that flowers all over Australia, the Desert Rose features a delicate pink and purple.

The Blue Ulysses
Named after the Blue Ulysses butterfly this colour features stunning blues that every child will love.


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