Gift Guide for 18 month old

Life with an 18 month old sure is fun! They can understand more of what you are saying now and could be saying words themselves. This makes pretend play and simple games lots of fun!

Around 18 months your toddler will love to kick balls, hammer toys, build towers as well as run, climb and talk. Below is some of our favourite toys which will help them develop their skills and have fun.

Simple Puzzles

Your toddler loves to learn and copying what you do, this makes simple puzzles a great way to work their fine motor & problem solving skills.

Ride On Toys

Ride on toys are a great way to burn their endless amount of energy. They will love exploring their new-found freedom whole working on their coordination, gross motor, fine motor and balance.

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are a great way to teach your little one the life skill of riding a bike, without the need to use training wheels. Balance bikes are easy to use, build their strength and coordination and sets them up for a lifetime of fun.

Pretend Play Sets

Not only will your toddler love copying you, they will love pretending to do other fun things to! They will love dressing up & cooking food, just like mummy or daddy.