Avoid Christmas Burnout

Children love Christmas season, but maybe a little too much. How can you avoid over stimulation and a burnout?

Your not-so-baby may love the Christmas season, but they are not yet in control of their emotions or the excitement and fatigue that the festivities may bring.

To ensure your young one enjoys the season as much as they can, make small adjustments to your routine. For example, if they need to have a nap at 1pm, don’t plan on going out 12:30 and expect them to behave. Plan around their routine to make sure they are on their best behaviour.

If your child is easily overwhelmed or do not see the family often, ask them to arrive separately. This will not only help your little one adjust to all the new people, but it will give your family members time to each greet him/her without overwhelming them.

If your toddler becomes stressed or overwhelmed during the celebrations, follow some of these tips to calm them down.

  • Take them for fresh air. This could be a walk in the stroller or quick trip to the park.
  • Put them in water! The best way to get a cranky toddler to calm down is to put them in water. I can be a bath, waterplay or the pool.
  • Go to a quiet spot and read his/her favourite book together.
  • Put them down for a nap.
  • Give them their own holiday task. It could be something simple like decorating cookies or plating them. Make sure to pick something that is doable but still challenging.
  • Make sure their comfort toy or blanket is nearby at all times
  • Offer them a snack

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